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Happy birthday images for a friend (13-09-2017)

happy birthday images aunt In the best of moods, she stood up to admire her luscious female curves in the mirror as every morning. As she stepped forward in front of the large mirror, she grabbed the horror. "Neeeeeeiiiiinnnn !!!" - "Hiiiiiiiiiiilllllfe !!!" - "No this can not be!!!" "For God's sake birthday images, what is that?" She just could not believe what she saw. She pressed her eyes, pressed both hands firmly on her face, and let her hands slide slowly down to her neck. Then she pressed the palms together as if for prayer. The two thumbs pressed firmly on the larynx, the chin resting on the tips of the two pointing fingers, the top of the middle finger pressed to the chin, she pleaded with her eyes closed "Oh God, do not let that happen I only dreamed of it all! " Feeling trembling with fear and excitement, she slowly opened her eyes.

But all prayer, hope, and supplication had not helped. She did not pay attention to her sensual, rounded forms. Not even the wide-eyed eyes and the distorted face. No, full of horror, panic, and fear, she saw only one thing: her hair was green! Grass green! A rich, juicy, strong grassy green!

happy birthday images aunt Elfriede Wohlfahrt could not believe it. As well as? Such a thing could not be grasped. This was simply incomprehensible. 'No, it must not be! Please, please God, do not let me go mad! ' In deep despair, she closed her eyes, hurried to the bed, threw herself on her stomach, pressed her face firmly into the mattress, and pulled a pillow over her backside. "Stay calm, Elfriede. Very quiet. This was a delusion, a hallucination. Come to rest first, then you will see that everything is in order. Maybe it's just a weakness. " It took quite a while until her heartbeat had calmed down again. Gradually her anxiety arose, her breathing became more regular, and the tremors ebbed a little.

happy birthday images aunt With difficulty she straightened herself, sat down on the edge of the bed, buried her face in her hands, and tried to arrange her thoughts. 'No matter what you see in the mirror, Elfriede, you're not crazy. You are a strong woman, Elfriede, and you will be finished with it. ' Faltering, she forced herself to the mirror. No, they were no meaningless, no hallucinations, no visual weakness. Her hair was green, grassy. Like lush green grass. As she ran with both hands through her continuous waves, she was surprised. Her hair felt as much as ever. She curled the curls between her fingers, but there was not the slightest difference. Only this color. This terribly green color. What, for God's sake, had only happened?

happy birthday images aunt Elfried Wohlfahrt knew she needed help. And immediately. Quite, very urgently. Hastily she ran to the phone. Her hands were trembling, and with excitement she did not manage to dial the number of her daughter. She was close to hysterically screaming when she finally remembered that she had saved the number and that she needed only the memory space 1 to press. 'Los Christina, go on! Please, please, go! When the phone rang, Christina was confused at first because she thought at first that it was the alarm clock. 'Oh no, the phone. Who for heaven's sake cries out in the early morning? Surely again. "Yes, hello, here Christina Hartmann."

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