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Observatorio (OBS*)

Observatorio (OBS*) e-journal is an interdisciplinary academic publication in the field of Communication Studies, which accepts and publishes texts written in Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Italian, French and English. Its formula of Open Access allows authors to have the maximum of public exposition of their work, thus we encourage readers and authors to register and submit their work for Vol 1, No 2 (2007), to be published in the second semester of 2007

Vol. 1, No 3 (2007)



Editorial PDF
Enid Mante, Eugene Loos
The Challenge of User-And QoE-Centric Research and Product Development in Today's ICT-Environment Resumo PDF
Lieven De Marez, Katrien De Moor
Video - On - Demand: Towards New Viewing Practices? Resumo PDF
Wendy Van den Broeck, Jo Pierson, Bram Lievens
Mobile Television: Is It Just A Hype Or A Real Consumer Need? Resumo PDF
Agnes Urban
Inside The Circle: Using Broadcast Sms In A Sports Club Resumo PDF
Pat Byrne
Attractiveness and Responsiveness of Moblogs Resumo PDF
Inka Koskela, Ilkka Arminen
Conceptualising Online News Use Resumo PDF
Ike Picone
Users As Developers In Information System Projects Resumo PDF
Raija Halonen
Doing It Together: Citizen Participation In The Professional Resumo PDF
Steve Paulussen, Ari Heinonen, David Damingo, Thorsten Quandt
From simple customer to warm user; Or, who cares about the maintenance of community innovations? Resumo PDF
Stefan Verhaegh
Democratizing scientific vulgarization. The balance between cooperation and conflict in french Wikipedia Resumo PDF
Nicolas Auray, Céline Poudat, Pascal Pons
Users In The 'Golden' Age Of The Information Society Resumo PDF
Mijke Slot, Valerie Frissen

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